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Stanley's Vision

I believe the greatest gift you can give, and a child receive, is the encouragement to dream.  Within the dream, are contained hope, possibilities, and desire, which, held long enough, and fervently enough lead to determination, and finally, to a choice on a direction, or a specific life's pursuit.
"The Christmas That Almost Never Was," my first children's book, warmly endorsed by Henry Winkler, and selected by People Magazine as one of its three picks for best children's picture books for the 2018 Holiday Season, has been a success.
  I am in the process of publishing my second children's story, "Making Cookies From The Sun",

a story of sheer fantasy, centered around a delightful, whimsical character walking  down a country lane singing "Of all things, nothing is more fun than making cookies from the sun,"

A group of children at play, run up to him, and plead with him to tell them the recipe of how sun-cookies are made, and the fun begins - with a surprise ending!

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The Christmas That Almost Never Was

A beautifully illustrated, enchanting Christmas tale, filled with wonder, fantasy, and magical adventures.

Into the fabric of the story, set among the mountains of the North Pole, is woven the beauty and awesome power of nature, the importance of staying calm during a crisis, the critical need for positive thought and resolute action in meeting and overcoming difficulties.  The values of friendship, teamwork, and community spirit, toward achieving a common goal, and the sheer joy attendant with succeeding, ring through the story’s beautifully crafted rhymes.

This tale of wonder begins a seemingly traditional holiday Christmas story; Santa Claus preparing his sleigh and reindeer for their flight together around the world on Christmas Eve.   But, a sudden crisis arises, making it almost certain that Santa will not be able to keep his Christmas Eve promise to children the world over, and bring them the gifts and toys of their dreams.  The reindeer have come down with the flu, and cannot fly.  The traditional story evolves.  Can a group of joyful, comical young Polar bears, who are able to leap high into the air, come to Santa’s aid, help him, and save Christmas?  

This whimsical story, decorated with superb artwork, promotes a child’s natural instinct toward awe, to dream, and to wonder.  After all, we all need to have something in which, and someone in whom, to believe.

Henry Winkler Rave Review

"Stanley Wiklinski has created a beautiful, whimsical, holiday classic that sleigh rides right into your heart."

-Henry Winkler

The Christmas That Almost Never Was by Stanley E. Wiklinski is a magical story that captures the essence and spirit of the Christmas season. Gary A. Lippincot's illustrations add color and whimsy to the story. Children look forward to receiving Christmas gifts from Santa and this story captures the behind-the-scenes events and craziness that happens before Chirstmas Eve. It is a good book to give as Christmas gifts to children and can be used in classrooms and school libraries for read-aloud and storytelling sessions, especially during the Christmas season as it makes the season and its joy palpable to young readers. The author rightly says: "Santa comes on Christmas Eve/To all good children who believe!"   -Mamta  Madhavan, Readersfavorite.com

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What a delightful story! My granddaughter loves animals, espcially reindeer and polar bears. This book is a favorite already for bedtime reading and is page turning full of wit and surprises (adults will like it too). The story not only delivers the Christmas presents, it delivers Christmas spirit by the sleigh load! The art is beautiful and if I could I would rate it 7 stars, not five...one star each for: Pauline, Snowdrift, Jumper, Puller, Cloud, Stormy & Glacier!

- Judy Arnold

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Beautiful artwork and delightful Xmas story! This was really enjoyed by my granddaughter who is 8 years old and loves to read.

-Valerie Benson

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